"I had an infestation of mice and I didn’t hesitate to get a pro out asap. These guys came out and took care of the problem in a jiffy. My home feels so much safer and thanks to Doug my wife and kids don’t ever have to witness this again. I highly recommend them and I will refer these guys to whomever I can. - Jeff O.,Queens

Doug’s Bugs Pest Inspection

Let Doug’s Home Inspection Services ensure that you’re buying, selling or warranty inspection is done thoroughly, top to bottom.

We thoroughly inspect and report on all materials inside and outside your property such as structural timber frames, joists, rafters & any wood finishing. Our exterminators will even take into account your landscape, timbers, pavers, trees and tree stumps.

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Ants are among the most difficult to control pest that commonly invade properties.

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Destruction by termites costs homeowners millions of dollars each year.

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Wherever there is water, there might be a cockroach crawling around.

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Rats and mice carry bacteria and diseases that threaten your well-being.

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